Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Lily Tomlin

at The Lyric Theatre Feb 6, 2017 7:00 pm

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Back after her last round of sold-out performances, Lily Tomlin will perform many of her famous characters and routines from Laugh-In and more this season at The Lyric Theatre. With seven Emmys, two Tonys, and a Grammy, Tomlin has established herself as one of the most influential female comedians of all time. A chameleon on the stage, Lily Tomlin delights audiences with her ability to craft witty and memorable routines that will have you rolling in the aisles.

Born in Detroit, Lily Tomlin initially enrolled at Wayne State University with the intention of studying medicine. After taking elective theater classes, Tomlin discovered her true talent and began performing in coffee houses across the city. The aspiring comedian moved to New York City in 1965, where she began amassing a dedicated fan base, performing at notable clubs including The Improvisation and CafĂ© Au Go Go. Lily Tomlin made her television debut in 1966 on the Gary Moore Show, and quickly followed this up with appearances on the famous Merv Griffin Show. The actress skyrocketed into fame after accepting a role on the notorious Laugh-In television series, where she developed such memorable characters as Ernestine, the telephone operator. Lily Tomlin has continued to grow her career, notably appearing on the West Wing as President Bartlett’s assistant, for which she received a Screen Actors Guild nomination. Most recently, Tomlin costarred in the well-received Netflix original series Grace and Frankie which premiered in May 2015.

A veteran of film as well as television, Lily Tomlin debuted in her first feature film in the role of Linnea, a gospel singer and mother of two deaf children in Robert Altman’s 1975 movie Nashville. In addition to this Oscar-nominated performance, Tomlin has appeared in I Heart Huckabees, A Prairie Home Companion, and Grandma, a film that was selected as the closing film at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. For her role in film, Tomlin received the prestigious Crystal Award from Women in Film.

The incredibly talented comedian Lily Tomlin returns to The Lyric Theatre this year for another hilarious night of stand-up comedy. Incorporating many of her fan’s favorite characters and other surprises, Tomlin always leaves critics and audiences begging for more. A celebrated actress of stage, television, and film, Tomlin lights up any stage with her boundless energy and sharp wit. As critic Mark Kermode of the Guardian said, “There’s no one quite like Lily Tomlin.”


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