Monday, May 12, 2014

Lyric's Awesome! Summer Camp ~ Session 1 Begins! Session 1: June 9-27

REGISTER NOW! Lyric’s Awesome! Summer Camp! LEARN ALL ABOUT IT HERE! Session 1: June 9-27 Be You! “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Dr. Seuss A celebration of our similarities AND our differences! Campers will be helped to recognize and embrace the unique and wonderful things that make each of us special. Our goal is to inspire kids to not limit themselves based on their race, gender, physical limitation, etc.   We are in for an exciting, fun-filled summer! Our summer camp is for kids of all backgrounds and interests, offered at an incredibly affordable rate. Students are encouraged to express themselves, embrace their talents, quirks and individuality. Some of the things campers can expect to learn in Drama include basic acting principles, creative writing, staging, improvisation and stage presence. In Music, campers will learn the fundamentals of singing, rhythms, terminology and vocal performance. In Dance, instructors will introduce campers to various styles of dance – including music theater dance, jazz, ballet and hip-hop. DUE TO THE UPCOMING RENOVATIONS OF THE LYRIC, CAMP WILL BE HELD ATFLAGLER PLACE, 201 SE FLAGLER AVE, STUART FL 34994(Formerly Lyric's Flagler Center)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

La Vie en Rose ~ Art Cinema

French/PG-13/136 min.
Writer/director Olivier Dahan (Crimson Rivers II) helmed La Vie en Rose, the screen biopic of tragic French songstress Edith Piaf. Marion Cotillard portrays Piaf, the superstar once raised as a young girl by her grandmother in a Normandy bordello, then discovered on a French street corner -- as a complete unknown -- by cabaret proprietor Louis Leplée (Gérard Depardieu). The film segues breezily between various episodes from Piaf's life -- such as her lover, French boxer Marcel Cerdan's (Jean-Pierre Martins) championship bout in mid-'40s New York; her period in Hollywood during the '50s; Piaf's abandonment as a young girl by her contortionist father (and earlier by her mother, a street singer); her brushes with the law as an adult; and her 1951 car accident and subsequent morphine addiction that caused her to age well beyond her years and left her barely mobile; and, through it all, her ability (like Billie Holiday) to funnel personal tragedy and emotional struggles into her vocalizations -- dazzling audiences in the process.
"Marion Cotillard, lip-syncing Piaf's songs and digging into her soul with gale-force urgency, gives a performance for the ages". -  Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

"Marion Cotillard delivers a tour de force as legendary singer Édith Piaf". - Lou Lumenick, New York Post

"It's the role of an actress' lifetime, and Marion Cotillard pretty much knocks it out of the park". - Jack Mathews, New York Daily News