Monday, April 14, 2014

Still Mine (Official Trailer)

Based on true events and laced with wry humour, STILL MINE is a heartfelt love story about an 89-year-old New Brunswicker (James Cromwell) who comes up against the system when he sets out to build a more suitable house for his wife (Genevi̬ve Bujold) whose memory is starting to go. Although Craig Morrison is using the same methods his father, a shipbuilder, taught him, times have changed. Craig quickly gets on the wrong side of an overzealous government inspector, who finds just about everything unacceptable, including the unstamped wood Craig has milled from his own trees. As Irene becomes increasingly ill Рand amidst a series of stop-work orders РCraig races to finish the house. Hauled into court and facing jail, Craig takes a final stance. 2012, Canada, Languages: English

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