Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Dragonfly Orchestra is a unique joint venture and collaboration between the Liuzhou Song and Dance Group (China) and Insect 8 Productions (Canada) who previously enjoyed world-wide acclaim as the creators of the contemporary string project Barrage. 

The core of Dragonfly Orchestra is a self-contained musical ensemble that bridges the gap between Eastern and Western performance sensibilities and styles. The ensemble consists of 7 musicians performing Western and Oriental Classical-Crossover music styles on standard Western Classical instruments (4 Violin, 2 Viola, 1 Pianist). They deliver a high energy, choreographed, stylistic performance that highlights the diversity and intensity of the solo and ensemble playing. The sound palette is classically based with multi-part writing supporting varied musical themes. Powerful, contemporary backing tracks and rhythm loops support the soaring string lines and ethereal, angelic vocals. Original compositions, Folk, Pop, Classical, Jazz, Movie / Television and Broadway themes are all part of the musical basis for the show. Creative set design and next generation video and lighting elements support the superb performers in a way that captivates all the audiences senses.

Dragonfly Orchestra had its premiere performance in September, 2012 at the famous Water Carnival in Liuzhou, China. The melding of Western and Eastern Theatrical elements is the driving artistic force behind the show – and was an instant hit with the audiences in China.  Dramatic and exciting choreographic elements are created with the musicians, dancers and additional support artists combining their talents with the musicians in a unique presentation style.
This ground breaking Musical and Theatrical Fusion is not to be missed !

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