Thursday, September 25, 2014

Old Jews Telling Jokes

at The Lyric Theatre Feb 17, 2015 7:00 pm

You may have heard them before, but never like this. “Old Jews Telling Jokes” celebrates the tradition of Jewish humor from witty one-liners to knee-slapping comedy routines. Paying tribute to some of the world’s most famous Jewish comedians, “Old Jews Telling Jokes” showcases five actors as they recreate and reinvent some of the greatest stand-up bits in Jewish comedy history. Created by Pether Gethers and former New York Times editor Daniel Okrent, “Old Jews Telling Jokes” is a refreshing night of slap-shtick humor even a goy could love.

“Old Jews Telling Jokes” is based on an internet series of the same name created by Sam Hoffman. The website, which features video clips of people telling beloved Jewish jokes, drew the attention of Peter Gethers and Daniel Okrent who decided to transform the concept into a Broadway show. Traveling from New York to Chicago, the show received stellar reviews from audiences and critics everywhere. Now freshly off Broadway and touring with Stage Door Theater, “Old Jews Telling Jokes” is arriving in South Florida.

The show, although dedicated to paying tribute to some of the most classic and beloved Jewish comedy routines, keeps things fresh every night with a perfect blend of new and old jokes. Whether you’re 17 or 71, “Old Jews Telling Jokes” will have you rolling in the aisles. Featuring spoken comedy as well as a number of witty songs, “Old Jews Telling Jokes” covers all of the basics from nagging mothers to your favorite crazy rabbi.

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